YMCA Youth Council

YMCA Weston-super-Mare Youth Town Council

“Young people are the future of our communities so we feel it’s important to invest in them. We helped form a Youth Council in 2001 and work in partnership with YMCA Somerset Coast to make sure that the young people of Weston-super-Mare have a voice.”

Youth Councillors

There is space for 31 youth councillors to sit on the Youth Council. All members must be aged between 11-18 and, at the time of election, and must live within Weston-super-Mare, or attend a school or college within Weston-super-Mare.

Being a Youth Councillor means you get to have a say about what goes on in your local area. Youth Councillors also raise money throughout the year for their chosen charity. They play a significant role in Weston’s council, getting in contact with councillors monthly for meetings and attending Weston based events. Youth Councillors meet monthly to discuss grants, community projects and volunteer work.

Youth councillors pledge to:

  • prove that young people are valued and can make a difference
  • act as a representative of young people and will voice opinions honestly and with consideration
  • support the quality of life and opportunities of all young people in Weston-super-Mare, and encourage their participation and citizenship

The Youth Council meet at the Youth Café, YMCA Weston-super-Mare, 2 Bristol Road Lower, BS232PN once a month (usually Thursdays).

We are always seeking new members, so if you would like to become a youth councillor, or find out more, please contact YMCA Weston-super-Mare on 01934 629787 or email info@ymca-sc.org.



Youth Council Team supporting the YMCA Summer Starter event. Participating in events like this are one way the Youth Council in Weston-super-Mare can raise funds in order to be able to offer Youth Grants and also are a fun way to engage with their community.

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