Support and Advice

We believe every young person should have someone they can trust.

Time and time again we have learned that sometimes the offer of a listening ear can be the first step to overcoming a crisis situation. Couple this supportive attitude with qualified advice, purpose built support hubs and staff experienced with working alongside other organisations and we can turn a simple conversation into an individual support plan to suit that particular young person’s needs, goals and hopes for the future.

Housing Support, Advice and Mediation

YMCA Somerset Coast has a well-developed housing advice service across Sedgmoor, West Somerset and North Somerset. This service, whilst offering information and advice to young people in order to prevent homelessness, also offers mediation to those who may be able to move back into the family home.

Outreach work

YMCA Somerset Coast’s outreach work includes support for rough sleepers, floating support for young people in their own or in family homes and visiting schools and colleges to deliver housing support and advice to young people who may need a listening ear.

Pathways to Independence

At each of our housing sites we have a professional team of advice enablers who will support young people during their transition to independence whether this is through specific housing related advice, debt support, or job and training support.

Tennant Accreditation Scheme (TAS)

The Tenant Accreditation Scheme (TAS) equips young people, 16-25yr with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to maintain a home and tenancy. Find out more here

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