Sports Clubs & Activities

Bridgwater YMCA offers an extensive range of indoors and outdoor activities delivered from George Williams Centre in Bridgwater.

Got the space? We can also bring many of our activities to you!

These can be delivered and designed to meet the needs of any group and age range including, yet not limited to:-

  • Birthday parties
  • School Activity Days
  • Corporate events
  • Scouts, Brownies and cadet groups
  • Social groups
  • Stag and hen activities
  • Youth groups

Would you like to join or start a club featuring these activities? Every group is different. That’s why we are versatile and enjoy producing packages, activity days and events to suit you and your group.

For more information please contact us.

Bell Boating

Team work is an essential part of this activity which is encouraged through games and challenges. A bell Boat is a double hulled boat that can seat on average a group of 10. A great introduction to Paddle Sports and building confidence on the water. Bell boating takes its participants out of the Bridgwater Town area and into the countryside on the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal.

Canadian Canoeing

A wet and wild activity for those who love being on the water. The sessions include a combination of fun and games whilst mastering paddling techniques. Canadian canoeing is an excellent activity for those who are new to paddle sports or those who prefer that stability of an open boat.

Segway Experience

Take on our track on these two-wheeled speed machines! These addictive and novel machines are great fun and offer something different for kids and adults.


A unique activity enabling future explorers to navigate their way around a network of tunnels creating a realistic caving experience. This activity is in our artificial caves on site in Bridgwater.


One of Bridgwater YMCA’s most popular activities due to its fun but challenging experience. Climbers can scale the walls using our variety of different routes graded from easy to difficult. Climbing is a suitable activity for all ages and abilities.

Adult Climbing Tuition Session

This session is run exclusively for those looking to learn the skills needed to be self-sufficient. Covering everything from equipment care and fitting, tying suitable knots, and belaying. This session is limited to 6 places so booking is essential. All equipment is provided.  One of Bridgwater YMCA’s most popular activities due to its fun but challenging experience. Climbers can scale the walls using our variety of different routes graded from easy to difficult.Climbing is a suitable activity for all ages and abilities. With over twenty different routes and a bouldering wall, our indoor climbing wall has something to challenge everyone.

Unsupervised Climbing Session

Once attendees have been signed off as competent by one of our in-house instructors, they are able to attend the new extended Unsupervised Session.  Having already learned the skills required attendees can simply turn up at any point between 6pm and 9pm on Tuesday evenings, and enjoy what the wall has to offer. All equipment is provided. Those new to the YMCA Climbing wall wishing to climb unsupervised can do so, once they have passed a competency check.The check covers fitting your own harness, tying into the wall using an appropriate knot, and safe competent belaying using an approved device.


A wet and wild activity ideal for those who fancy more of a challenge whilst on the water. An excellent opportunity to experience the thrill of kayaking encompassing the learning of paddling techniques through fun water based games and challenges.

Low Ropes

Perfect for all ages, our new purpose built low ropes course will encourage communication and co-operation, helping individuals build their confidence whilst developing their balance and co-ordination. Each challenge calls on the collective contributions of every participant—drawing on their ideas, support, and effort to achieve a shared goal.

Mud buggy racing

Mud buggy racing is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping and grinning from ear to ear. Mud buggies racing is a fun and safe experience ideal for adults who want to have a bit of speedy fun. With you seated low to the floor and harnessed into the mud buggy, you will skid, wheel spin and cruise your way around our grassed race track. As you put the pedal to the metal in these awesome machines you must try and navigate your way around our challenging track.

For more information please contact reception 01278 726000

Please check our ‘what do I need’ page to know what to bring when attending activities.

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