Meeting Space – Weston-super-Mare

Meeting Space

We believe in offering quality facilities to allow businesses and groups to learn and develop.

YMCA Weston-super-Mares’ meeting space is perfect for small or medium sized groups. This recently refurbished historic building offers a range of facilities to accommodate your needs in a central location, just a few minutes’ walk from the High Street. Popular with community groups and local businesses.

YMCA WSM has recently received a Civic Society Award in honour of its considerate redevelopment in 2013.  Find out more about YMCA WSM here

Spending Positively

Spending Positively, it’s easy really. Just by choosing to book with us, or drop in for a coffee, you are making a positive change in your community.

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Call: 01934 629 787
Email: info@ymca-sc.org

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