We believe every young person should have a safe place to stay.

Homelessness can happen to anyone. You could be 18 and fall out with your parents, maybe they kick you out. Or perhaps their issues mean you just can’t live with them anymore.

You might be 60, have lost your job, your home and your partner. Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle, had your own flat but found yourself unable to cope with payments.

People lose their homes for all kinds of reasons, at all stages of life.

We provide 200 permanent beds across our sites in Bridgwater, Weston-super-Mare and West Somerset. Depending on the support needs of our residents we have shared rooms and flats, studio flats, cluster rooms and houses for families or small groups. Having a safe and stable place to stay is a valuable step. From here – with our support – young people can build upon opportunities to work, train and study and eventually live independently of our services.

Emergency Accommodation

Where a young person is in an immediate housing crisis we can offer crash pads – which are short term emergency accommodation. Or, through our Nightstop Scheme we have a network of hosts that we can call on when we have a young person in need. These types of temporary accommodation allow us the time to develop a plan for that individual with the goal of getting them into safe and permanent accommodation or back with their families where appropriate.

Find out more about Nightstop or becoming a host.

How to apply for housing

People in need of our services can be referred to us by outside partner agencies, for instance by the council, social or leaving care services. Young people can also self-refer by presenting themselves at, or contacting Routes

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