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YMCA England gives local YMCAs, like ourselves, a national voice by speaking with government, key policy makers and national media, and represent them by advocating for the needs of the most vulnerable young people in England.

All YMCA’s, as part of the YMCA federation in England, focus on four key areas of work: accommodation, family work, health & wellbeing and training & education, with a fifth – support and advice – running through them all.

Some of our Key Areas :

YMCA Somerset Coast

Every community is different and requires different things – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with any YMCA. In Somerset each of our locations are designed to meet the specific needs of the people in our area, reaching out to communities, listening to and engaging with young people from groups that might be hard to reach.

YMCA’s do more than providing a bed, we also seek to help young people gain the training, skills and confidence to go on to lead independent lives.

Some YMCAs will work predominately with homeless people, while others focus wholly on physical activity or youth work.

YMCA Somerset Coast provide accommodation for hundreds of young people and families each year. We develop building projects to offer training and educational opportunities to the people we support. Our fitness suites and activity clubs introduce people to a range of sports and adventure activities. Plus so much more with our youth clubs, birthday parties, school holiday Daycamps – the list goes on.

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