Youth Clubs & Centres

Weston Youth and Community Centre

YMCA Somerset Coast have recently taken on the centre and are working together with youth and community focused groups already working in the area to bring the centre forward. As well as developing and improving the space itself we will be looking to develop the offer for young people and the community through community action, volunteering and social enterprise. Our aim is to open up the wider resources we have as an organisation to expand the offer and support the strong work of established organisations in the area; in order to offer a vibrant, positive facility which young people and the local community value and take ownership of.

Bleadon Youth Club

YMCA Somerset Coast are supporting the Bleadon Youth Club with regular high quality youth provision from their centre.

This also enables young people form this area to get involved with and access wider YMCA facilities and services. This session is ably supported by young volunteers and this space is also available for hire.

Mead-Vale Youth Centre

YMCA Somerset Coast are working in partnership with the Mead Vale LAT and Knightstone Housing to develop a space that has been out of use for some time to bring it back to a useable standard and provide a regular place for young people to go and as provision for the local community. The space has already progressed a great deal through community action. We have opened weekly through the autumn but the facility is undergoing further improvement works currently and we aim to re-launch the offer in the New Year with a much improved space and offer.

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