The Beach Hotel


The Beach Hotel


The Beach Hotel is a stunning luxury hotel & innovative restaurant experience in the ancient seaport of Minehead. Offering an escape to deep comfort, an action packed retreat, or both.

This finely balanced culture coupled with our passion for great food, creates the perfect destination for your contemporary beach break.

It is also a social enterprise project run by YMCA Somerset Coast to offer apprenticeships and training to young people.

In November 2013 the iconic Beach Hotel was purchased by YMCA Somerset Coast Group, who saw the old hotel as an opportunity to restore the heart of a community.

The Beach Hotel

Our apprentices, staff and volunteers were involved heavily in the development from start to finish and now have literally built a place for themselves to work.

Most of the staff members you see working at this luxury hotel have been here from the beginning. Together they have planned it, built it, and seen it grow. It is something truly special. And you can feel the care and affinity that the staff have with the building radiated throughout.


Today, the Beach Hotel is fully committed to helping young people in our community to shine. Offering apprenticeships, training and support to develop the talent in the kitchens and other services. Many of our apprentices go on to become full time additions to our energetic and professional staff team.

The Beach Hotel

Visit The Beach Hotel for a luxury stay, contemporary cuisine, a wonderful location and, as a bonus, know that every penny you spend there goes back to good stuff and more social enterprise projects like this one. Visit for more information about the opportunities offered.

The Beach Hotel

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