Clifford Searle House

The corner of Dampiet Street and St. Mary’s Street in Bridgwater Town centre

Clifford Searle House


You’ll find Clifford Searle house on the corner of Dampiet Street and St. Mary’s Street in Bridgwater Town centre. Clifford Searle, after whom the site is named, was a long standing member of YMCA Bridgwater who contributed a great deal to the organisation over the years.

Owned by YMCA England and managed by YMCA Somerset Coast; with great views across town, Clifford Searle House contains 11, 1 bedroom self-contained flats: each flat has its own bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and living area, as well as all the facilities a young person would need in order to live independently.  A Grade II listed building; full of character and charm this property is ideal for young people who have engaged fully in the support service and are close to moving on to more independent living outside of the YMCA Somerset Coast.

Clifford Searle house is specifically for young people with very little support needs. However, we understand that sometimes it is difficult for young people to find and secure accommodation through local social landlords, housing associations and the private rented market.

Although living completely independently, tenants continue to receive support from our Prevention and Education Team whilst living at Clifford Seale House, enabling them to hone their knowledge of independent living before taking their final steps to moving on.

Referrals are to be made in the usual way either directly to YMCA Somerset Coast or through our partner agencies.

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