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Every YMCA is different

There are 114 YMCA’s in England, each is shaped by the community it is a part of and by the people that it serves. Listening to voices and needs. Our ethos is based on three original principles – the importance of having a healthy mind, body and spirit.

YMCA Somerset Coast has been serving Somerset since the 1870’s. The founder of the YMCA movement, George Williams, was a local lad, born in Dulverton and living in Bridgwater just prior to moving to London to work as a Draper and consequentially begin the YMCA movement.

The YMCA movement is now the oldest and largest charity in the world. Helping hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged people worldwide. In Somerset it is a huge resource, a life line, a stepping stone, a place to have fun and a safe place for many Young People and families.



Bridgwater, 1878:  Sergeant Major Hughman of the Scot’s Guards formed a committee and the local association was started in March of that year. The earliest meetings were held over Hoopers outfitting shop in the High Street, and a year later there was a move to Binford Place.

Weston-super-Mare: YMCA has had a presence in Weston since 1865, in 2013 we redeveloped the original site and are still firmly anchored in and a valued hub for the community.

From our humble beginnings we now operate at over 20 locations in Somerset. Each location individual, its services tailored to each communities needs.

Some purely offer accommodation at varying support levels, others are support and advice hubs like Routes. There are youth and community centres, cafes, sports and outdoor facilities and we even run a hotel in Minehead which offers skills and training to young people as well as a luxury hotel and restaurant for the public. Not-to-mention our community radio station Access FM.

We welcome the involvement of men, women and children of all faiths, and of none, in a Youth Minded Community Approach and are constantly seeking out opportunities to develop our services and offers to better serve Somerset.


“Indeed, impressive as the building was (referring to George Williams centre, Bridgwater) it was the people within who constantly radiated care that was extraordinary.’ Giles Adams, managing director of What’s on Somerset?

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