We’re proud to have had wonderful feedback from organisers and kids alike. Take a look at some of them below (please click on the images to enlarge):

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‘I would like to say how impressed we were with the professional, yet approachable, manner of your instructors. They commanded the respect of the children, whilst being able to relate to them at their level, and encourage them to try their best and challenge their fears. As staff, we really valued the time to watch the children and to see them grow in confidence.’ School Activity Organiser

‘I am writing to say the trip to the YMCA in March 2014 was EPIC!’ Emma, school pupil

‘Thank you Ryan for helping me conquer my fear of heights. I wouldn’t of been able to do anything like that if you hadn’t boosted my confidence up like you did!’ – Chloe, school pupil

‘Thankyou for our caving time. It got me so much closer to my friends than ever before! Also thankyou for our caving time, my favourite experience ever.’ – Archie, school pupil


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